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Ruger Mini 14 & 30 Modifications Clarification

Dear Customer,

Now that you have received your rifle back we would like to discuss the following so you can understand what we did to your rifle. This page is designed to answer any questions that may arise after the first inspection of your new system.

Please take the time to read this so that you’re familiar with any modifications we made!

1) STOP & LOOK > We have reworked your trigger to enhance the performance of the rifle and to give you the best trigger pull possible from a two stage trigger. Remember a trigger group with a safety system is a mechanical devise and any mechanical device could fail at any time so always follow strict gun safety procedures when handling any firearm!! Never point your rifle at anything you don’t want to destroy should the safety fail!!! If for any reason you experience any trigger safety issues please stop using the firearm immediately and contact us !!! Now that safety has been covered this is what you should expect from your trigger after we have improved it. Remember first of all your trigger is a factory two stage. Meaning that what most people think of as creep is actually take-up which is an added safety measure in the trigger design this is the first stage. What we do is remove 90 to 100% of the first stage depending on what the factory gave us to work with. Meaning no two triggers are exactly the same. 1) You will notice a new take up screw installed under the trigger housing this is there to minimize the rearward travel of the first stage take up. Please do not tamper with this screw with out contacting us first because this screw serves a few functions besides take up. Your trigger primary sear, secondary sear and hammer have been also tuned for the best pull possible! We recommend on a 90% reduction of take up. With the rifle pointed in a safe direction pull the trigger slow and you will feel a slight click. At this point the trigger is ready to break with any further pressure. We call this a semi set trigger and in no way will it hinder the semi auto function but give you the best of both worlds. The 100% take up reduction will eliminate any take up and will fire with 3.5 pounds of pressure when applied immediately. Dry fire your trigger to make yourself familiar with it before going to the field! Please contact us if you have any problem at all and we will take care of it promptly.

2) Whenever a Blued rifle is packed for shipping we will smear the barrel with grease so it will not rust in transit. This is messy but necessary so that upon receiving your new blue barrel it is not rusted do to condensation from the varying temperature extremes in transit. Note: Always keep a light coat of oil on blued barrels and parts to prevent future rusting.

3) We have had a few complaints about the hand guards fitting loose, having gaps, and teetering front to back. The reason for this is not because our workmanship is poor. We are making sure that the hand guard doesn’t come in contact with the stock in any way. If the hand guard pushes on the stock it could apply pressure to the barrel causing inaccuracy. Everything possible is done to make sure that the barrel does not have any additional pressures applied. This is also true with the gap between the gas block, stock and stock liner. Depending on the stock, that gap may very from 1/16th to 1/8th of an inch. Note: The hand guard is not retained in place with a C clip anymore because the barrel is too fat now for that to work. We have tapped the barrel and now use a 6-48 screw with a lock washer under and on top to hold the hand guard on. This also makes it easier to remove and keeps the factory C clamp method from scratching up the barrel the way it used to.

4) Pin Bedding. With your rifle pointed away from you, looking down at the top of the receiver you will notice the following A) On the left side of the receiver there is a 4-40 hex head screw approximately 1” behind the bolt stop button. This screw goes through your receiver and about 1⁄2” into your steel bedding insert which is epoxyed into your stock. B) On the right side of the receiver at the very back of the slide track you will see another 4-40 hex head screw. This screw goes through the receiver slide track and into the steel bedding insert in the stock. Note: These screws must be removed when disassembling your rifle. There is also a steel stud underneath the front right side of the receiver that is hidden by the slide. This must not be removed. It is a centering stud only so the front of the receiver doesn’t shift around. When you go to reinstall the rear two make SURE not to over tighten them because they can break off in the stock! (If this happens we will charge you to replace the insert in the stock $35.00 plus return S/H of $20.00) The correct amount of pressure to tighten is snug then 1⁄4 turn further and that’s it. DO NOT use any loctite! If your screws are not staying in then degrease them and the steel inserts with alcohol then reinstall the screws. Sequence of removal and reassembly. Take Trigger group out 1st, Then remove short screw on right side of receiver 2nd, Then remove the Long screw on the left side of the receiver 3rd. Reverse the sequence when you re assemble the rifle.

5) Some customers have questioned us “why does my bolt sound clunky?” A) Your bold is not supposed to touch the bolt face and should have been loose before we started work on your rifle. If the bolt did touch your chamber face then it would be hard to head space the rifle. The head space is determined by the bolt face coming in contact with the back of the case, not the chamber face. This is the loading sequence of your rifle: Customer loads magazine and puts it into the magazine well. Customer pulls the slide handle back which in turn pulls the bolt back. Customer lets the slide go and the bolt starts to close. As it closes it pushes the 1st round on top of the magazine into the chamber. As it is pushing the round into the chamber it is starting to center the bolt. As the bolt pushes the round all the way into the chamber the bolt is centered and locked into place. Guess what? There is no more rattling of the bolt because the case and rim of the round are holding the bolt in perfect alignment till the round is fired and the process starts again. MINI 14’s are clunky sounding! You sent the rifle to us to make it accurate and dependable! We unfortunately can’t make it any quieter.

6) Lubrication. We want the surfaces of the moving parts to be well greased for at least the 1st 500rounds to make sure that the mating surfaces are broken in properly. The slide to barrel fit especially needs to be greased or your barrel will gall. Some minor galling will happen with time. This is just the characteristics of stainless steel. But to keep it to a minimum we recommend applying moly bearing grease very liberally like we did. It is important to us that your rifle performs for a long time. You will see that where the bolt and slide engage and the locking lugs are also well greased.

7) Shock Buffer’s: You will notice in some instances that your bolt will not stay open on the last shot or you can not manually lock the bolt open. The reason being is that the buffer is thick and need’s to be squashed or can be grinded, But this will happen with extended use. We recommend you let it break in and compress with time... The buffer is very important if you do not want a damaged scope from the Mini’s violent impact when moving rearward colliding with the front of the receiver.

Our Accuracy guarantee is as follows:

Any Ultra Match package in .223 cal. that includes trigger and bedding will receive a guarantee of 1MOA ( 1.047” or better) @ 100 yards using a selected factory brand of ammo. (3 shot group). (Certain brands perform better than others; it is up to you to find the best match.) Our warranty on our part’s and workman ship (Not Ruger’s factory parts) is 1 year from the invoice date. Our accuracy guarantee is 60 days. Warranty & guarantee are voided if abuse of the rifle is observed or break in instructions are not followed.

Any standard match Package (or ultra match 7.62 x 39) that includes trigger and bedding will receive a guarantee of 1.5 MOA (1.5705” or better) @ 100 yards using a selected factory brand of ammo (3 shot group). (Certain brands perform better than others; it is up to you to find the best match.)

Accuracy Systems would like to thank you for your purchase and patronage. If you have any other questions or concerns give us a call. 303-822-6849


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