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Testimonials 2004

Here are a few YouTube videos of Accuracy Systems Inc. Conversion Rifles filmed by owners.

Suppressed 243 WSSM Vapor trails & 400m Practical Shooting
Mini 14 300yds on steel plate
The custom Mini-14 Ruger again
Ruger Mini-14 Ranch Rifle Accuracy Upgrade

Here are just a few of the many positive responses we receive on a weekly basis.


I sent my Ruger Mini-14 to Accuracy Systems because it had one supreme flaw. it provided a fine first shot, but thereafter with subsequent shots, the group wandered upward and to the right I either had to accept the rifle as it was or upgrade it. After research on other companies offering to accurize the rifle, I decided on ACCURACY SYSTEMS. and I am totally pleased with their work.

THEIR WORK: they replaced the stock barrel with the .900 stainless barrel with the recoil muzzle brake. They performed the trigger job, the bedding, and in conversation with them. we agreed this would provide me with my desired result.

BARREL BREAK IN: I followed the procedure ACCURACY SYSTEMS suggested for shooting and cleaning during the first rounds. The groups improved with subsequent shooting, but my inadequate vision (at my age) required the installation of a scope; I decided on a Kahtes scope (2-7X36). Cleaning the barrel presented a problem because from the muzzle, the teflon on the Dewey rod tended to peel off. Not good. A guide did not help.

Thankfully. I received further advice from Accuracy Systems to use the Bore Snake.
GROUPS AT 100 YARDS ON BENCH REST: I can easily achieve around one-inch groups. Interestingly. I tried several brands of ammo: bulk reloads, commercial (Winchester, etc.) all in 55 grain FMJ. All work rather

COMPARISON TO THE AR-15. Having received my Ruger Mini-14, I was afforded the opportunity to test a Rock River AR-15 (configured as the DEA recently adopted versions) over a period of several weeks. Neither of the rifles ever failed to function in any manner. Both placed groups of one-inch at 100 yards. Nonetheless, a former Major in the Air Force Intelligence and OSI (who had extensive experience with all military weapons) shot both my Ruger and the AR-15 with the reluctant admission that my Ruger was a more friendly weapon to shoot (An admission with which I had already agreed). This is in no way an effort to fault the AR-15, but it does speak well for the Rugers Accuracy Systems upgrades.

IF I HAD TO DO IT OVER AGAIN: Frankly, despite the significant cost of alterations, I would do the same thing. I really have no regrets.

MY EXPERIENCE: One might question my expertise, and I do not mind at all. I would say. however, that I own many guns. and as for "tack drivers," I have several handguns that deliver less than one-half inch groups at 25 yards (from my Ransom Rest), and my Remington 700 Varmint (22-250) with an expensive scope permits me to shoot about one-half inch groups at 100 yards. And I have yet to fail a "kill" with over six types of varmints on my acreage. No, I'm not an expert, but if I, at seventy years of age. can do what I have achieved in weapon accuracy with the Ruger Mini-14 Ranch modified by ACCURACY SYSTEMS, then others can even more easily.

That's about all I have to say right now.


Hi Carl,
Hey listen, the mini 14 model 34 you did for me is by far the most accurate weapon I have ever fired and own now, I have a few!! After breaking in the barrel the way you guys told me to I got down to some serious target shooting and this thing is unbelievably accurate. I took 20 empty 22 long rifle spent cases and hung them on an old tree branch in front of backstop at 100 yards and managed to hit 13 of them on first shot. I fired a 20 round clip winchester that you suggested. Job very, very, very, well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS AGAIN
WILL SPREAD THE WORD...........................

Mike Bream


I took it out to the range Wednesday and I preformed very well. I am pleased and Thank you!

I tried the same ammo you suggested and shot a .437 inch and then tried my Black Hills 50 grain Vmax Moly (Remanufactured blue box) and shot a .312.

The wind was light and variable at about 55 degrees temp. I did not have as steady of a stand with my bench as I would have liked as I set up the bench with my pick up bed and it was not completely rock solid with the ridges in the bed of the truck. (The ground was worse, uneven, so that is why I set up in my bed.) I normally drag my utility trailer out and will do this next time to see if I can even improve upon the POl.

All in all I am very pleased and will post to the Predator Master Forum of my results with your mods. I will send you the link after I post it with pictures.

Please look at the downloads and see the actual targets I used. I am looking forward to trying these loads out to 300 yards. (My longest coyote last year was at 336 yards.)

I will enjoy recommending you to others!

One question: What do you believe my drop will be at 200 yards? I do not have the charts available.

Thanks again,
Paul Hollomon

Hey you all, you did some GREAT work on my Mini-14 a while back and now that it's accuracy has been revealed by you all, I am wondering if you have a certain type of factory ammo that you think is inherently more accurate in the Mini-14 FACTORY barrel (you did the harmonic stabilizer and trigger/target crown package for me) than another? I just figured you folks would be the ones to ask since you are so good at wringing-out the most from these Rugers!

Thanks--Jim USMC

The rifle showed up Friday evening.  Very well packed.  Very nice looking craftsmanship.  I almost didn't spot the bedding screw heads.  I took it out this morning and shot it.  It shoots well.  Trigger is very crisp.  The Millett sight is easy to adjust.  When I did my part, the groups were 1-2 inches which is way better than before you worked it over.  The only problem thing that needs work is my reloading or my aiming technique.  That just means I'll have to shoot it alot.  What a problem.

Thanks for the work.

Dean Soderstrom
Hi Guys- accuracy systems accurate rifles

Well, I’ve just about got the barrel broken in on my Mini-14 you guys put together for me. In fact, yesterday at the range, I shot 5 shots into a ragged hole! Measuring less than ½ inch!!

But this was with 45 grain JSP bullets behind 25.6 gr of 4895. When I tried loads with 55 gr spitzers the groups opened up to over an inch. And the biggest surprise was when I tried 2 different loads using Sierra 69 gr BT match, one with 4895 and the other with 748, the groups opened up to about 4 in!!!???

Which leads me to ask, what is that twist rate on the Douglas barrel you fellows put on my Mini-14, and would that explain the disparity in performance re bullet weight? As I recall, it’s 1:10, but at this point I’, not sure. Is there a way I can check myself?

Anyway – great job on the rifle.

By the way, the rifle sparks considerable comment whenever I take out; a couple of people have asked if it was done by Accuracy Systems in Colorado. From now on, when they ask how I like it, I’ll just show them the target with 5 shots in 1 hole.

Thanks for a great job!

Rick Cook

Hi Carl:

I finally had an opportunity to take my new rifle to the range. What a difference! And what a wonderful job you did. Consider me a fully satisfied customer. Several mini-14 owners approached me asking about the wider barrel. Naturally I pointed them in your direction. If you want to send me a few of your advertisement fliers, I’ll be happy to distribute to anyone who asks.

On a related note; do you by any chance carry fully-adjustable replacements for the stock mini-14 rear sight? Something like the “match” sights found on Springfield M1A rifles?

Thanks again.

Radek Aster

Last report!

I just returned from the range. Fired 50 rounds, all one at a time! The pull has settled down at 4.3# on my old Schrader Spring Gauge.

The barrel is another matter! I’m still working on loads. The barrel is a 1-10. I figured 55 & 52 grain would be preferred and that is how it is. The wind was still today and I have two 3/4" 20 round groups at 100 yards. One with a 55 gr. Sierra HPBT Match over 21.5 grs of H322 and the second with 53 gr. Hornady HPBT Match over 21.8 grs of H322. The barrel shoots as advertised! I am going to try the smaller port again to see if I can control the brass ejection without screwing up what is going right!

Bill Graham
Hi Carl,

I got my gun back a few days ago. I went out to the range and tried 12 different loads and got between 1 ½ inches to ½ inch at 100 yards. The gun shoots a lot better! I am much more happy with it! It is great you stand behind your work and do a good job at it. I will definitely order another gun from you in the future. I just need to save up a little money before I get another one. Next one will be a 6x45.

I switched scopes and put a Nikon 4.5x14 in which brass clears the scope knobs while ejecting.

My best group was achieved with the following load.
Nosler 55 grain ballistic tip
26 grains of Hodgen BLC2
Federal match primer
Winchester case

I am still working on the grouping, and the barrel is new. I am sure I will get the group down smaller.

Thanks again,
Allan Miller
Hi Emmite,

Just picked up the new rifle and it looks terrific. If it shoots have as good as it will be a super tac driver.

Thanks for doing such a good job.

Best Regards,

I just wanted to say again how satisfied I am with the mini-14 you rebarreled for me. Everyone that shoots it loves it. It especially loves the Nosler BT 50 grainers. They shoot to .75". I just bought a mini-30 and have two questions. Do you know of a better peep sight? I want to leave this an iron sight rifle but don't especially like the little flip up sight. Also it has trouble igniting the wolf primers. They seem pretty hard. Is there a stronger spring available or something else you could do to make the firing pin hit a little harder? It fails to ignite about one in five. My AK does not have this problem.

Terry Weimer

First, let me say how happy I am with the work you did, my rifle looks awesome! I installed a Leupold Var-X II 3-9 x 40 on it & went shooting. 7/8 inch 3 group was the best I could do at 100 yards (very windy that day), but I'm sure with practice I can do even better as it appeared to be putting some shots into the same hole! (a good excuse to practice more). The mini is now more accurate than I am. Thank you (worth every penny). I was buying ammo in a local gun store and the guy showed me a customized mini 14 he was selling for a customer. The guy spent $1200 on the work alone (I saw the receipt) & it wasn't half the rifle mine is! Thinner barrel, enlarged factory glass block & no bedding! You guys are the best!

Feel free to call if you have any questions.

Thank you,
Bruce Denova

P.S. - Did I say I am very, very happy?


I just wanted to take a moment to comment on your fine work. For the record I have had you do a great deal of custom work on existing firearms and have also ordered new, unique guns from you. I have worked with many professionals over the years and find you are easy to work with, an expert in what you do and a valued resource. I enjoy the business we have done and look forward to what we have coming up. Without a doubt you have answered the question of why I am such a poor shot; its obviously me and not the equipment. For anyone looking for a good experience and something new and expertly done, in my opinion, go to Accuracy Systems.

Thanks again,
Verne Glassman

The mini 14 you did for me is still shooting outstanding. The change is unbelievable. Do you do any re-barrels on Remington model 7's? What I have in mind is to have my 243 re-barreled to a medium heavy barrel. What can you do?

Tim Smith

I received the 3-30 round stainless mags and they all work great!! The fit in the rifle is incredible. I have a 20 round mag from someone else and it moves in all directions when i place, yours are rock solid. I am not happy with the Ruger fold down sight on my Ranch Mini 14. What is the size of the aperture on Millet rear sight and is it adjustable for elevation?? Also, I was wondering about the type of finish on the HK front sight/flash hider, I have a stainless Ranch mini, and can I install it myself??

Thanks for your help,
Bob Wray
Dear Carl,

I finally got out to my favorite shooting area and gave my mini 14 a try... Outstanding! I tried all the previous ammo that I had had trouble with and not a single misfeed. To boot, the accuracy of this rifle was something I was not expecting. With my shaky stance I was amazed. At 100 yards I was putting together groups of less then 2" (that's good for my ability). At 50 yards I was able to put several shots through the same hole. I am impressed. Thank you. I'll be sending you another rifle; my Savage 110 in .30-06 for a new barrel. I don't know if you received my last e-mail since my server has had problems, but I was looking into your Fat-Boy barrel with the internal brake in black oxide steel and broach cut. I'm trying to keep the cost low (under $650) if possible. Once again, thanks for the great work. I now have a new favorite shooting tool.

Frank L. Jiron
Aloha Carl:

just a note to let you know that reducing the size of the gas port did the job. The rifle is functioning properly and shoots like crazy. Our range is always fairly windy with a minimum of 5 mph crosswind. 100 yds., one inch groups, no sweat, just like you said it would. It ain't the Mini I used to know...heh heh. Best regards,

Pete Brown

I wanted to compliment you on the mini-14 conversion you recently did for me. A couple years ago a friend I was stationed with had one done by the outfit in Texas. First when we took it out of the shipping box we were not to thrilled with the craftsmanship, nothing to bad, but not what you would expect when you spend such a sum on a "custom" rifle. When we took it to the range it repeatedly failed to feed rounds, and even jammed up a few times, found out the metal liner for the slide was missing, accuracy was improved over stock, but not really what we had hoped for.

Naturally I was a bit skeptical about sending my mini to anyone. After much research I found several Internet boards that had a lot of good to say about your shop. When I sent in my rifle I had my fingers crossed, and prayed for the best. I must say when I got the rifle back I was VERY impressed to say the least, the finish was excellent, craftsmanship excellent, everything excellent! And the stock liner for the slide was even there. When I took it to the range I fired about 50 rounds through the barrel to break it in, then got down to sighting it. WOW!!!!! By the time I was done I was able to cover a 10 shot group with a dime.

I have since had my friend visit from Mississippi,where he is now stationed. Naturally when he saw and shot my mini he was JEALOUS to say the least! Now he wants to send his to you to have it fixed, expect a phone call soon. I get a lot of inquiries about the rifle when I go to the range, and all who I let shoot it LOVE IT! Do you have any cards I can give out at the range?
Thank you for a truly wonderful experience.

Dear Accuracy Systems Inc.,

I just wanted to drop a line to thank you for a job well done! You have held true to your word, that your mini 30 mags will be tested and are guaranteed to function! Well they do! I was a bit skeptical when I first ordered (due to the fact that I have ordered clips from other companies - that claim fit & function - but did not). So when I got them and took the two clips to my favorite shooting range they worked flawlessly! My hat is off to you and your staff, and you have won a customer for life! Word-of-mouth is your best advertisement, so you can count on me to spread the word.

Thanks again,

Dan Kavanaugh

Dear Carl,

The job you did on the M1A is FANTASTIC! It shot point of aim out of the box with the Aimpoint site and I love the whole system. You keep getting better with each project. The gun kicks less than my Mini-14! It is light and fits me to a "T".


CA Luxenberg


Your workmanship is about the best I have ever seen!


Chuck Mollis


Just a note of appreciation... You are truly a master of your art. I may be able to send some sog business your way.

Dylan Sanders

Hi again, Carl,

Wow! Nice work. I am very pleased with my rifle. I would like to suggest that if folks are having problems with the front sight being too high--they may want to contact Ruger--Ruger makes 4 different rear peep heights low, standard, high and extra high--my gun was shooting about 3" low at 25yrds--the peeps are $0.50 each and it's alot easier to just change the rear sight, in my opinion....I popped an extra high and 3 clicks later--dead-on!

Also, my rifle was having FTF and FTE problems--I was using Black Hills factory reloads--I switched to NATO M193--no problems....

Thanks again,

Martin Walko
Littleton, NH

I am really enjoying the harmonic stabilizer on my mini-14 you installed last spring. With the Millet sight, 3 blade front sight, bedded action & trigger job it really shoots well. One of the guys I shoot with thinks I should go to a 45 grain bullet based on the Mini's 1 in 9" twist rate. I think the 62 grain comes pretty close to the ideal bullet weight. I based that on the old equation of twist in calibers times bullet length in calibers equals 150. Do you folks have any recommendation?

Thanks from a very satisfied customer,

Dean E. Soderstrom
Midland, TX
Hi Carl

I received the AR-243 yesterday and I took the time to go shoot the AR today. The AR functioned perfectly in all respects and inclosed is a couple targets that represent all targets that I shot with this gun to day. All groups looked about the same. I used a 36 power Leupold target scope and the final Scope was the one that will stay on the AR, is a Leupold VX 3--4.5X14X50mm and the targets that are inclosed are shot with 4.5X14 scope. As you can see the gun likes the heaver gr. bullets which will be fine. The gun shoots just fine and I want to thank you for making sure I got the High Quality rifle that I wanted! If ever you need a reference feel free to use my name.

I have only one more question at this time and what kind of lube should I use on the bolt and action?

Thanks Again
Roger Gibbs

Just got back from the range, setting up the mini 14 at 50 yards (ran out of time for a 100 yd shoot). Carl, you are a magician! This rifle shoots better than I do! I was getting sub MOA with anything I put through it up to 55gr. BTHPs. It did attract attention at the range. numerous people came by and asked what it was.

My hunting partner, who went to the range with me, asked if you could do the same for his blued mini 14 and I told him, "Of course! That's what they do for a living! Make people's rifles more accurate." I think you'll be seeing his in the near future. Thank you for an excellent job, the trigger is great, my brass doesn't fly all over the place and the general appearance is remarkable. The bedding job is exactly like your website shows it and keeps the receiver in place for a lot less money than a glass bedding job.

Over all it was great doing business with your company. When this barrel is shot out, maybe we'll just upgrade the barrel to a 1 in 9 twist for a little better stabilization for those 62 gr. SS109 Greenies.

Mark E. Robinson
Assistant Chief
Port of Houston Police Department


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