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Testimonials 2008

Here are a few YouTube videos of Accuracy Systems Inc. Conversion Rifles filmed by owners.

Suppressed 243 WSSM Vapor trails & 400m Practical Shooting
Mini 14 300yds on steel plate
The custom Mini-14 Ruger again
Ruger Mini-14 Ranch Rifle Accuracy Upgrade

Here are just a few of the many positive responses we receive on a weekly basis.

Hello Carl,

Did the rigorous break in with JB compound and 6-18 x scope with not so great results. After the 60 shot bore solvent, changed scope to the intended 1.5-4.5x 3200 and preceded to shoot sub MOA at 100 yards with 62gr TSX's. Red neck style prone off a soft case and pillow in the back of my 4 Runner. If I can shoot MOA with a 4.5X scope, no bench and rests, initial hand loads and new to me gun --- the future looks bright for this Mini 14 rifle! Thanks, very nice work!

Merry Christmas! Ryan. 12/24/2008
I installed the tunable gas block on my Mini Thirty, and it seems to work very well. Thanks for a great product.

Jeff     12/17/2008
Just in time 4 Xmas. The only words to describe my Mini 14 now is Awesome.
Thanks: Superior Craftsmanship Carl.
Dear Carl:      12/10/2008

Today I was nailing our new 850-meter (929-yard) gong with Black Hills 5.56 mm Mk 262 77-grain open tip match ammo.

The day was cloudy with a slight breeze.

We shoot prone off sandbags, from a bunker, but aren't allowed to sandbag the butt-stock rear.

Thought you'd be interested in a rifle that you've built.


Stuart A. Smith
Indian Wells, CA 92210
Carl, 12/10/2008

just wanted to say what a great rifle and accurate.... well worth the wait. thanks a lot. Please call or email if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Doug Kramer
Senior Mechanical Designer
Carl, just wanted to tell you this 300 RUM is unbelievable ! It shoots better every day. I've been messing around with it out to 1400 yards I was shooting against the wind today and still held a 20 inch 3 shot group at 1400 yards. I am VERY HAPPY with that. I did take a coyote at 1050 and the rancher I was with couldn't believe it. I let him shoot at a rock at 1250 yards and he got it and just couldn't believe how well it shot.I've told a few people who I got it from.
Thanks again Carl.
Steve 11/30/2008
Shot it yesterday!! Wow... The guy I traded for it, wants it back. I said no way, he can always order another from you!!
Thank you very much, Elmer
Carl, 7/1/2008
Tony Haag here.
The R-700 rifle is great.
Better than halfway through the barrel break-in.
Doing it right takes time, but worth it.
FYI.....Just off my crude shooting table and bags, several 1/4" groups have already been produced at 100!

Thanks, TDH
Love the trigger job, you told me you turned them around fast. My trigger was delivered to you on Friday and back to me on Monday. GREAT JOB on the trigger. I'm posting my satisfaction on some mini 14 forums. Hope it results in more business for you.
Thanks again,
Robbin Harrel 6/18/2008
Carl,           06/12/2008
I got my Mini-14 back from your company a few weeks and it blew me away. The Mini-14 is a wonderful little rifle as it is but the tweaks and additions you put on it for me really put it across the line. I absolutely love shooting it or even just looking at it. Even with the shortened barrel it's accuracy has improved. Thank you so much for doing a professional and quality job on it. You're truly the best in the business, keep it up.

-J.H. Empie
United States Air Force
Eielson AFB, AK
Hey Carl

Thanks for recommending the trigger job when you put the break on my 338. Looks like it definitely improved my shooting. Now I can't wait to get the mini you are building for me!

Peter Hodges 4/29/2008
Got my Sendero SF II back today. The linear comp is BEAUTIFUL, I love the black inlayed rings. It looks like it was ment to be there, and the trigger is perfect. I was able to shoot it today, in 25-35 mph winds, but it was easy to tell that I got exactly what I wanted.
Thanks, Dustin Meier 4/18/2008
Hey Carl, It's me again Steve Erickson. Just wanted you to know that my 7.62x39(.308) mini is shooting better and better every day. I have it to the point now that it shoots better than I can (with adj GB installed). Thanks. 10/31/2008
Hey this is Tom Gage. I wanted to thank you for a great job you did on my Remington 7400, I think the rifle will out perform any bolt action. I have a few friends who are "snipers" and they think the bolt action is the only way to go for ultimate accuracy. I tend to agree, but I guarantee that I can give them a run for their money with the rifle you provided at ranges up to 500 meters. I told them I got the rifle to shoot deer, elk and hogs so there would be no need for me to shoot beyond 500 meters. When I received the rifle I shot 20 rounds through the rifle and adjusted the scope, Nikon Buck master with bullet drop compensator. By the second box of shells I was shooting groups where all 3 rounds were within a 1/8th of an inch from each other at 100 and 200 meters. Before the upgrade you provided my, I could barely get the rounds to come within a 5-6 inch group at the same ranges.

OK, Now I think I want another rifle. I read in a magazine about the Extreme duty Mini 14. What is the price on that with the M1A rear sight and the XTP front see through rail system? .223 caliber

Tom Gage   3/20/2008
First I would like to let you guys know you make an excellent product. I currently own an AR-15 built by you and am extremely impressed by its performance. It is awesome to go to the range and see the disbelief in peoples faces as you consistently hit SODA CANS from 600 yards with factory load 40grain .204 rounds.

Aaron R. Eiler   3/11/2008
United States Air Force


Hello ASI,

I am planning on purchasing a mini 14 (223) in the near future and have been doing a little on-line research.

You have a universally great reputation for the accuracy improvements that you make to the Ruger as well as for your workmanship and customer service --- the kind of reputation that only comes with doing great work and standing behind it. Hard to find a better endorsement.

Mike 2/27/2008


I will admit that I was somewhat skeptical about your accuracy claims, but I bit the bullet and ordered the 25WSSM upper. Well as Mr. Harvey says-the rest of the story-- you guaranteed 3/4 groups; well your upper shot 3/8" groups with factory have my utmost respect. I plan on ordering the 7WSM Keep up the good work; you will have my support


I just wanted to let you know I received my Savage in the mail. The fit and finish is top notch on the muzzle brake and the trigger feels great!. A friend of mine put an aftermarket trigger on his Savage and mine definitely has a better feel. I can't wait to shoot it over the weekend and see how the muzzle brake works. Thanks for doing a great job on my rifle. Once I figure out what I want done I will be sending in my mini-14.

Thanks Carl,

-Pete Mose
Hey Carl, with all the guns you build you obviously must run into hunters or do some hunting yourself. This is my other job away from the PD (Click on the link below). I love the rifle by the way and thank you for everything. Please keep in touch. Wade
In a message dated 01/24/2008
Dear Carl,

I am in receipt of the Mini 14 you made for me and want you to know that I love the gun. You did a fantastic job and I appreciate all your efforts. I know the gun will give me many years of enjoyment. Thank you so very much¨¨¨Tom Picral

In a message dated 01/13/2008 12:42:10 AM Mountain Standard Time, writes:
Carl and staff,

I wanted to send this testimonial to let anyone who may be interested in one of your conversions that this is for real. I got the Ultra Match Mini-14 conversion and WOW! I met the UPS driver at the curb and was like a little kid at Christmas. What an awesome job! The workmanship on this gun is above and beyond advertised. Very clean crisp trigger pull. With the 24" Bull barrel and a Burris compact 4.5x12 the balance is almost perfect. Even on 12x I can keep the target in the sight picture shooting off hand. Definitely worth the wait. With the 2nd 3 shot group of break in I shot a .341" group. The first group was at .510" so you can kinda see the pattern here. The 3rd group was outstanding. Looked like one hole. I can't wait to get this thing on a 300 yard range. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I'm sure there will be more work coming your way from this part of the country. 1/14/2008

The work you did on my Mini has transformed the rifle, figuratively as well as literally. It now shoots straight and is the handiest little carbine I own. I still haven't obtained a bayonet to complete the project, but will eventually.

Best to all in 2008.
Michael J. Doyle
Prescott, Az.


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